Moxi: No Jacket, or CableCARD, Required

Team Moxi answered the question, using the full two business day allotment:

Dear Henry,

Thanks for your interest in Moxi.  We received your email with your question and are happy to help.

The Moxi HD DVR is the best HD DVR on the planet because of its Emmy award-winning interface and it’s suite of online networking and multimedia home entertainment capabilities. It’s also the only HD DVR with no monthly fees. (check out our website – – for full details)

The Moxi HD DVR is optimized to work with Digital Cable (QAM) service and doesn’t have an over-the-air tuner (ATSC).  If I understand your configuration, you will have a combination of analog channels via your basic cable subscription and HD channels which are transmitted without encryption that don’t require a CableCard to access.  The Moxi will work in this configuration and provide the corresponding Electronic Program Guide information.  You will need to connect the Moxi HD DVR to your high speed data service so it can keep your guide data up-to-date as well as feed all the other web services that the Moxi provides.  However, for the support of analog cable channels, you would need to an accessory that we provide at no charge except for the shipping which is an analog dongle that plugs into the USB port on the Moxi HD DVR.  Using this, you will have full DVR support, as well as the other features that the Moxi HD DVR provides, but would only be able to record a single show at time.  The HD channels that are sent in the clear, would be discovered by the Moxi automatically and be available at any time and you would have the capability to record two shows at a time.

We are available to answer any additional questions you might have and don’t forget that the Moxi HD DVR has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Again, thanks for your interest and we look forward to you joining the Moxi family.

Best regards,
The Moxi team

Happy Clear QAM viewing.


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