The Curious Case of Boxee

Boxee is now available for Windows. XP, Vista, and the coming soon to a theater near you, Windows7. Released just this week, this is the latest addition to a line up that already includes Apple OSX and Ubuntu linux. This is very interesting, because if you believe the internet the user interface (UI) was based on the XBox Media Center open source project. For the uneducated, Mirosoft also makes the XBox in addition to those Windows operating systems.

Boxee is by no means new. They burst on the scene back at the 2008 i-stage, CEA’s warm up event to CES. This competition saw a software entry take home the big prize, beating out a number of “traditional” consumer electronic entries. Again, very interesting. Not knowing how the judging worked, perhaps hardware vendors preferred a technology they could potentially license over a competitor on the shelf down the aisle.

 A trial of Boxee in use is forthcoming, for now you’ll have to settle for a screenshot.

Windows here we come!
The sign up process is relatively easy, however from a social networking perspective, the option to import contacts from other social networks or address books wasn’t evident. It appears easy enough to add twitter, tumblr, even netflix information. Maybe is was there, maybe it was not.
Why reinvent the wheel and build an entire contact base from scratch?

However, the thought of controlling Hulu with a remote is too tempting to let that stand in the way.

To be continued…


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