Hitting Home

Henry Villadiego, “High Tech Media Man”, has been hit by Digital Transition Shenanigans. This will be a quick rant since the problem still needs to be solved.

The people at SiliconDust make a fine product, the HDHomeRun. It powers the DIY Living Room PC in my Poor Man’s Home Theater (I need to talk someone about trademarking this), but more on this in a (hopefully not so distant) future post. Saturday nights it usually records re-runs of my favorite television program, LOST in HD.

This Saturday, nearing two weeks after that fateful day, June 12th 2009, Scorecard, as the machine is labelled, did not turn on! LOST did not record! The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) was low on information, despite Scorecard having been on, in a low power mode, the entire time. I suspect one of the following happened to the EPG:

  • Overloaded with last minute DT changes: channel swaps, call letter re-christening, what have you
  • My cable provider was caught up in a last minute channel swap
  • Scorecard was NOT on the entire time, the power comes and goes occasionally

The two weeks mentioned above is significant because that is the typical span of the EPG’s download when it successfully connects with the server.
I’ve only completed a cursory search of sources that may likely know about this “outage”

The game is afoot. Watch this category for more information! Good day, sir.


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